The real reason the Fed is going to begin tapering

 · The Real Reasons Why The Fed Will Hike Interest Rates. Every quarter since the bailouts began no one has been asking for interest rates to increase. No one. Only recently has the Bank for International Settlements warned of market turmoil due to the long term saturation of markets caused by low interest policies,

 · Fed Tightening Is The Real Issue, Not Tapering. And since banks already have enough reserves to support virtually unlimited lending, reducing the growth of bank reserves by a small amount is not going to materially slow or discourage bank lending going forward. It’s almost a non-event.

Bloomberg Gary Stern, former chief executive officer of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis MarketWatch: What is your assessment of the economy and do you think the Fed should start to taper..

Wall Street Eyeing Fed Decision on ‘Tapering’. is that and four while I’m real saying it’s not it’s not a done deal is that there’s still a lot to weigh. in favor of doing it and use it.

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 · The fact that the Fed is even willing to begin this process indicates their confidence in the direction of the US economy and markets should not be perturbed by any new policy approach.

[39] Jim Rickards: The Fed is tapering QE into a recession Ultimately, when the U.S. Federal Reserve did announce the start of a tapering of its billion monthly bond-buying programme on December 18, the event set off nothing more than minor ripples across.

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More Central Bank News As ECB Follows Fed Rate Hike With Tapering Plans. The market fell late wednesday after the Fed indicated it could raise rates twice more this year, but investors shouldn’t forget how positive Powell sounded about U.S. economic progress.

 · The Federal Reserve should start tapering its program of quantitative easing starting in September because it gains nothing by a delay.

 · The reason for the high-volume conversation, of course, is that everyone in the financial world is obsessing over when the Fed will begin to taper down the size of its monthly injections of money.

If the bond market spent 2013 discounting an end to QE, it stands to reason that in 2014, the bond market will begin. Fed tapers may fuel more selling by banks to avoid further losses. "The Fed.

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