Mortgage servicers bypass foreclosure delays with more short sales

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New Tax Rules for Short Sales - Foreclosures Foreclosure Freddie Mac Fannie Mae Mortgage Servicing Short Sale Servicing Guide. On November 25, Freddie mac issued bulletin 2013-24 and Fannie Mae issued Servicing Guide Announcement SVC-2013-23, which revised numerous short sale and deed-in-lieu of foreclosure (DIL) requirements.The enterprises updated, among other things, eligibility requirements for exceptions to borrower documentation.

Executive Conversation: Art Castner on robust, dynamic property insurance solutions A Future Where People and Nature Thrive The planet is at a crossroads. The actions we take together right now are important to protecting the natural world we rely on today-and for setting us on the path to a more hopeful, sustainable future.Bill to Let FHA Raise Annual Premiums Heads to Obama The bill, which passed by unanimous consent and is expected to be signed by President Obama as early as next week, would let the mortgage insurance agency raise annual premiums to help cover losses to its trust fund, while reducing up-front assessments that can make it harder for an FHA borrower to sell a home.

Negotiate a short sale. If you are unable to pay your mortgage or the value of the home has fallen below the mortgage balance, you may want to consider a short sale of the property. In a short sale, the lender agrees to let you sell the property for a price in line with the market value. A short sale can delay a foreclosure and having to move.

Key takeaways for homebuyers now that interest rates are rising Proposed bill would allow principal write-downs in bankruptcy courts other than the debtors’ principal residence and the debtors’ plan had no provision for payment of a pre-petition claim to the mortgagee who had filed the notice. The bankruptcy court held that these two facts rendered bankruptcy rule 3002.1 inapplicable to the creditor before it. In construing that holding, a sisterA rising tide lifts all boats – but how do you. Because the Fed took no action on the prime interest rate, there’s not as clear an immediate takeaway for consumers, since that federal funds rate is.

Confidence in the legality of repossessions will cut foreclosure sales more than a reduction. PNC Financial Services Group Inc. halted sales of foreclosed homes for a month to review documents in.

The term "short sale" is used to describe negotiating the sale of the house for less than you owe on the mortgage. The lender is agreeing to a settlement amount for the mortgage. After a short sale the mortgage account will usually be reported as "settled for less than full balance." Any account reported as settled will damage your credit.

Reverse Mortgage Servicing & Foreclosure: Emerging Issues Sarah B. Mancini Odette Williamson.. Payment no more than 25% of monthly surplus. Short sale/purchase for 95% of appraised value Timeline

Seeing great potential both from short sales and the buyers who come forward to explore them, Realtors have been persistent. Short sales have increased from 11% of the market a year ago to over 15% today. As a result of a growing number of offers, more servicers and their lender clients have seen the wisdom of giving short sales greater priority.

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Many short sale agents have noted that the prices of Fannie Mae short sales and REOs seem to be slightly higher than market value. In fact, even savvy short sale negotiators sometimes have problems with valuation disputes on Fannie Mae short sales. According to the Internet buzz, Fannie Mae would prefer foreclosure over short sale.