[Infographic] Here’s what you need to know about renting your first apartment

If despite all the data out there on the benefits of homeownership, you’re still opting to rent an apartment, then here’s some tips on what you can expect. For starters, renters should only.

Figure out how much you will need to cover your expenses for at least the first month or two. The biggest of those is likely to be rent, which is often quoted by the week. Expect to pay roughly A$433.

Whether you’re looking to live on your own for the first time or just want a more cost-effective lifestyle, renting an apartment can be a fun and budget-friendly way to live. But if you’ve never rented an apartment before, you may find the process quite confusing. Not to worry, we’re here to walk you through it.

Acquiring all the things you need for your first apartment is an expensive undertaking, so you need to go into it with a plan. Before you head to the store or the Amazon search box, come up with a budget of what you can spend right away in light of moving costs and other related expenses.

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While you can be any age when you rent your first apartment, it’s most likely you’re either a recent high school or college graduate. With everything else you have to learn at this time – think paying taxes, building credit, and job hunting – learning how the apartment rental process works can feel like just one more item on a long list of confusing things you’re required to learn.

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Renting Your First Apartment I know, it can be a daunting renting your first apartment. There’s so much to think about, so much to budget for and so many things that you have no idea how to handle.

Set up utilities -If you’re buying your first apartment, you’ll need to call all utility service providers a few weeks before the move to schedule installation dates and times for after you move in. Utilities include cable and internet, water and sewer, gas, electricity, satellite, security system, trash and phone.

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