HousingWire’s Women of Influence program just became even better

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HousingWire is proud to announce that we are now accepting nominations for the 2017 Women of Influence, our opportunity to honor the housing industry’s most influential women leaders. The program was the first such national effort of its kind, and this year’s Women of Influence will mark the seventh time we’ve recognized the women leading our industry in mortgage lending, servicing, investing and real estate.

This was the moment when it became obvious she was more than just. biggest influence was in how she dominated. “Usually the most explosive players didn’t have the touch to match, at that point in.

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More women went, more graduated and more made academic honors, honor rolls etc. Most guys, like myself either drop out or don’t even go. Most of my guy friends of with women that are better educated and make more than they do, and just about all the women I’ve dated were the same. My most recent ex made over 2X the amount I made.