Five ways to avoid marketing compliance violations

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Website and social media compliance are indicative of your overall compliance efforts. Examiners and third parties have 24/7 access to all of your posted information and can review them for compliance anytime. It is important that your website and social media posts not violate consumer compliance regulations and requirements. In this session we will explain the most common compliance.

5 Things Facebook Advertisers MUST do to Comply with GDPR Another easy way to avoid scrutiny when it comes to overdrafts is to monitor and document your monitoring in writing. It’s a good idea to have your compliance officer or ROLO (Regulation O Officer) review all Insider accounts on at least a monthly basis to ensure that overdraft fees are not being waived.

There have been a couple of widely-publicized cases recently of physicians divulging patient information in social media.I’m sure the doctors involved did not intend to violate patient privacy. While there are several excellent guidelines and policies on this topic, there isn’t a whole lot of practical advice, so here are my tips to help you avoid privacy violations (I hope this is the.

Take a look at these 5 most common HIPAA privacy violations and learn what preventive measures you can take to avoid these violations and their severe penalties. 1. losing devices. The biggest problem today is devices with stored patient health information, i.e. desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones, being stolen or lost.

If you’re a global company, know the email compliance rules for the countries you do business with. For instance, Canada requires the recipient’s full permission to even send an initial email.

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Hours of service violations are the number one cited violation during roadside inspections. It’s the principle reason for the ELD mandate, which requires commercial drivers keeping a Record of Duty Status to switch from paper logs to an electronic logging device by December 2017. Avoiding these violations is easy if you know the HOS rules, but many drivers and fleet managers are ill-informed.

The following examples illustrate some common mistakes that lead to accusations of unfair trade practices-and how you can avoid those mistakes. Taking Advantage of Customers; Some telemarketing ploys have earned the FTC’s ire for targeting particularly vulnerable consumers, like seniors and individuals who aren’t fluent in English.

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