DBRS puts U.S. debt rating under review

How Are Bonds Rated? Ratings agency Moody’s Investors Service put Uncle Sam’s credit rating on downgrade watch Wednesday, given the lack of progress in the negotiations to extend the U.S. debt ceiling ahead. those.

Friday, SNC-Lavalin was placed under review “with negative implications” by debt. DBRS’s statement. The company is to release its fiscal fourth-quarter earnings Friday, Feb. 22. The move comes a.

Given the review, an upgrade is highly unlikely in the near future. Moody’s would consider confirming the baa2 rating if, following the review, it had a high level of confidence that the debt ratio would be put onto a sustained downward trend.

The agency attributes the downgrade to the fact that Saputo is using a bank term loan to finance the acquisition of Dairy Crest

DBRS Inc. and DBRS Ratings Limited, collectively DBRS, have placed Under Review with Negative Implications the senior debt and deposit ratings of 38 banking groups in Europe that currently benefit from some uplift for systemic support. The short-term debt ratings of 16 banking groups were also placed Under Review with Negative Implications.

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DBRS puts Sun Life under review. The ratings service placed Sun Life’s debt and preferred share ratings under review with negative implications and confirmed Industrial Alliance’s rating.

Italy’s public debt, at around 133 percent of national output, is the highest in the euro zone after Greece’s. DBRS put Italy’s rating under review with negative implications in August, citing political uncertainty around a referendum held in December, pressure on banks, economic weakness and a less stable external environment.

The U.S.’s top AAA credit ranking was put on review “with negative implications” by DBRS Inc., which cited the government’s failure to raise the federal debt limit. The Toronto-based ratings company.

 · Romania regained its investment credit rating after six years at Standard & Poor’s, which cited the country’s success in reducing its external debt and keeping its budget under control.

Rating agency DBRS is worried: in a report published this morning it notes that the purchasing power of US households has been largely a function of rapidly rising debt, which over the past decade has risen 60% faster than wages.

As in 2011 when Democrats and Republicans in the U.S. Congress could not agree on a budget and spending measures, the full faith and credit of the United States is being put into question, and global.

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