Bank of America dissolves Merrill Lynch unit

The bank’s stock price sank to $7.18, its lowest level in 17 years, after announcing earnings and the Merrill mishap. The market capitalization of Bank of America, including Merrill Lynch, was then $45 billion, less than the $50 billion it offered for Merrill just four months earlier, and down $108 billion from the merger announcement.

2013-08-28  · Bank of America Corp.’s merrill lynch unit agreed to pay $160 million to settle a discrimination lawsuit filed by black financial advisers, a lawyer for.

Bank of America acquired Merrill Lynch, known for its “thundering herd” of brokers pitching stocks to Main Street, in the depths of the financial crisis. The firm took steps to dissolve the Merrill ..

BofA Securities, previously Bank of America Merrill Lynch (BAML), is an American multinational investment bank division under the auspices of Bank of America.It is not to be confused with Merrill, the wealth management division of Bank of America; both firms are broker-dealers and engage in prime brokerage.

Interfaced with fraud detection unit and business partners on a regular basis. Managing Director Bank Of America Merrill Lynch GWIM Operations

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When you enroll in the Merrill Lynch investment advisory program. and other subsidiaries of Bank of America Corporation. please contact us at 800.MERRILL

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. business units and individuals and have. to send you the prospectus if you request it by calling Merrill Lynch, for Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

Bank of America Corp. is planning to drop Merrill Lynch from the branding of its investment bank, while it will use the name Merrill for its wealth management unit. The Charlotte, N.C.-based.

Bank of America Merrill Lynch is the leading provider of treasury management, liquidity management, global trade solutions and reporting services through the Global Product Solutions unit. Our clients include small businesses, middle-market and large corporations, financial institutions and governments.

Merrill Lynch’s Thundering Herd is having a huge crisis of confidence. Bank of America’s integration of the prized brokerage. The Charlotte, NC, bank’s efforts to wring profits from its Merrill.