Are landlords responsible for pot-growing renters?

Tenant rights and medical marijuana Landlord Pays Heavy Price for Pot-Growing Tenant Print Friendly A Montana landlord is facing a jail sentence, fine and possible criminal forfeiture of his rental property after his tenant’s marijuana grow operation was raided by federal authorities.

Hi Frances, I believe that Landlords should not be help responsible. If the neighbours wish to complain they should complain at first to the tenants making the noise, then if it continues report them to the landlord and inform the tenants their landlord is going to deal with the problem.

And as a result, Booth explained that landlords who let tenants grow weed in their apartments or smoke it on site for any purpose run the risk of having their real estate property taken from them.

What Liability Does a Landlord Have for Criminal Acts of His or Her Tenants? In addition to being liable for the criminal acts of strangers/non-tenants, a landlord usually has a duty to protect the neighborhood of the rental property from the criminal acts of his/her tenants.Most often, landlords are held responsible for tenants dealing drugs on the property.

Landlord: The landlord should keep these systems in working order, and fixing any of these qualify as a owner responsibility. Tenant: Tenants are responsible for using these fixtures properly and for reporting any issues to prevent further damage. The residential lease agreement may also assign responsibility for keeping pipes clear and.

Your landlord isn’t the only one with responsibilities to keep the rental unit reasonably maintained. State and local laws require you, the tenant, to keep house a certain way, as the list below demonstrates. Now, you may be wondering what your housekeeping responsibilities have to do with major repairs that are on the shoulders of the landlord.

In general, your landlord is responsible for keeping your home in good repair. You have responsibilities too, however, and are expected to take care of the property while you live there. You can.

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improve the vacancy rate or improve enforcement against the few dishonest landlords who tend to dominate the headlines,” the statement added. “It is now up to the governor to reject this deal in favor.

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