Aceves ruling: Foreclosed homeowner has cause to sue bank for fraud

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 · Foreclosure Crisis. The foreclosure review was prompted by revelations that the major banks had filed thousands of false affidavits in courts across the country when seeking to foreclose on homeowners. Banks have also often filed forged or flawed documents when attempting to demonstrate the right to foreclose.

 · - The highest court in the state of Washington recently ruled that a company that has foreclosed on millions of mortgages nationwide can be sued for fraud, a decision that could cause a new round of trouble for the nation’s banks.

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The lender reneged on its promise to negotiate with the woman and her husband over their home’s mortgage, giving the homeowners cause to sue for bank fraud in a ruling that could set a court precedent for victims mistreated by banks and bank servicing companies.

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The Second District Court of Appeals in Los Angeles has ruled that banks are "legally bound by their loan modification promises," and can be sued for fraud when homeowners rely on such promises and are damaged as a result.

For ten years, Gary Dubin in Hawaii has been practicing law defending homeowners from foreclosure. He has preached his own version of how to combat foreclosure fraud. And he has practiced what he preached. I find his work enlightening and refreshing. So when I read his Proposed Mortgage Integrity Act (MIA) I decided to republish it in its entirety.

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